Seconds Quality | 18" Glitter Vinyl Roll

Seconds Quality | 18" Glitter Vinyl Roll

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We would consider 50% or more of the roll of vinyl usable. We were really picky so some rolls you may not even know what the flaw is! A lot of it is just not evenly distributed glitter causing there to me streaks. A lot of these flaws could be hid in straps etc.

Approximately 18" x 54" cuts!

Smooth finish glitter vinyl, with some duo-chrome tendencies! It has a microfiber backing that has an almost leather feel. This is nothing like the glitter vinyl you're used to. We're in love.

It can work on domestic machines in small doses, with the correct feet attachments *teflon or walking foot*

Vinyls may have an odor due to the way they are manufactured.  If you are sensitive to odors, we recommend letting them air out in a well ventilated area.

If multiple are ordered the yardage will not be continuous.