More Me Know started in 2008, because I was tired of people mispronouncing my last name. Art has and always will be a huge part of my life. I have always loved the idea of wearable art and yeah, buying an expensive painting and hanging it on your wall is cool, but being able to buy something affordable and showing it off...Now that's even cooler!

   When I was a younger I would love coloring with crayons, and drawing ducks... why ducks? We may never know. As I got older I was really into drawing portraits. It was always so fun to draw someone and have it look so similar to them! In high school, I had an art teacher who really inspired me to think outside the box and build a portfolio with a plethora of projects of using different medias. I looked forward to class everyday and often worked on 2-3 projects weekly!

  I was accepted to the St. Louis Contemporary Museum's New Art in the Neighborhood (also known as NAN).  I met real world artists in all kinds of fields and it really opened my eyes to see what it meant to be a successful artist.

  My plan for More Me Know is to bring eclectic, customized,  wearable art to the everyday, for everyone! I really enjoy making custom products for my customers. Check out my Custom Orders page for some of my previous works.

All items are handmade by me and well thought out. I'm not a machine so some items may have flaws but that just makes every item more unique!