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Posted by Lauren Mormino on

If an item is SOLD OUT but you'd like to purchase - Please DO NOT hesitate to email me! It's really hard for me to keep things in stock, but it isn't hard for me to invoice you! 


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  • I’d love to buy a Castiel pin – would it be possible to get one? Cheers!

    Jennifer Crawford on
  • Castiel? I want the whole set, but don’t want it without Castiel! Thank u!

    Amanda on
  • Omg your purses were hot for Christmas and I had to give away my Beauty and the beast purse you made!!! My coworker wanted it for his daughter. Can you please look up my order from October and make me another beauty purse? I’ve been trying to find you but your logo isn’t anywhere on your items! I even searched my Star Wars dress you made for me!

    Thank you so much! I want the exact purse you made for me… I think there was gold on the bottom but I forgot… can you send me a photo please? I just remembered you were in Illinois

    Adriana McCormack on
  • Hey are you going to bring back the mean girls pin??

    Cortney on
  • What kind of artwork do you take for custom orders? I want a flying pig dress, but I know I cannot create one.

    Sarah on

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