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Posted by Lauren Mormino on

If an item is SOLD OUT but you'd like to purchase - Please DO NOT hesitate to email me! It's really hard for me to keep things in stock, but it isn't hard for me to invoice you! 


Do not comment below - it doesn't notify me of comments :)

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  • Hi! I was just wondering if you plan to do more Jurassic Park inspired items. I saw the Mister DNA print but I wasn’t sure if I overlooked another print. Thanks!

    Sara on
  • Interested in this HP gryffindor handbag for $50

    Is this still something you can do? I’m s absolutely lovely!

    Ashley on
  • hi, I wanted to know if you’d be putting more supernatural or the walking dead id pouches up. They are currently sold out and also, when does the coupon code for pins and patches end. Thank you!

    Emily on
  • Hi I was wondering if you had any more of the Tina mermaid pins in stock and Hermione. Also, I was wondering if you could possibly customize a Harry Potter trio pin? I want to give it to my sister for a birthday present. I Did just send an email asking if you could customize a hunger games pin and a Jennifer Lawrence pin. So if you get two emails from emidun it isn’t spam. Haha


    Emily Duncan on
  • Hi if I wanted a custom made tie would it be here in time for Christmas? I live in CA. Thanks so much!

    Brittany Gonzales on

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