Raspberry | 18" Vinyl Roll - Mid-Weight

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Approximately 18" x 54" cuts!

Smooth finish ultra-soft vinyl! It has a fleece backing that has an oh so velvety. This is nothing like the vinyl you're used to. Unless you've ordered a bunch of this line from us....then you're used to it by now. Anyway, we're in love.

This vinyl is 0.8mm thick making it perfect for accessories, or for use on Domestic & Industrial machines! 

- I used this on my industrial and didn't have any issues! If you're wanting a bag with more structure be sure to interface appropriately. 

Vinyl's may have an odor due to the way they are manufactured.  If you are sensitive to odors, we recommend letting them air out in a well ventilated area.

If multiple are ordered the yardage will not be continuous.