Not Today, Bobbin. | 1.5" Machine Magnet

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1.5" Rainbow Machine Magnet with 7/8" wide strong magnet on the back.

  • 1 large strong magnet glued to the back + an extra magnet

(It's come to our attention that if you're using this on a non-metal machine it will not work as well. So, we have included another large strong magnet incase you'd like to put this on a non-metal machine!)

Intended for use on metal machines.

Customer Reviews

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What a great concept!

I've seen Lauren sewing using her magnet and decided it was time for me to get one finally too, when I grabbed the leopard print snips. The magnet firmly holds onto my machine and keeps my new snips easy to find, because they're always within reach. I've thought this was the coolest thing since pocket window templates, but was afraid it wouldn't stick well on my curved front machine, (vintage cast iron Singer) and was delighted when this combo worked perfectly on the first try! Thank you Lauren! I just love my magnet and snips so much! The quality of both are impressive!

What’s not to love about rainbow!

Love the magnet! It’s not a flat smooth surface, you can feel the grooves of the letters and the bobbin!!
Goes perfect with my rainbow snips!

Super Cute !

Oh my god I love this magnet, it’s super lovely, colour and design is gorgeous, quality excellent and looks fab on my industrial machine. The magnet is super strong !!! Highly recommend anyone considering buying one.