Rainbow Metal Hair Clips

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1.75” long single prong metal hair clip!

I use these to hold fabric together in place of pins 

Pack of 10 or 20

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Can never have enough!

So many uses. You can never have enough. I use these when sewing but also for holding pattern pieces together when I've cut out pieces in advance. I always need more! AND they are rainbow!!!

Great clips and they are cute too!

These clips are fantastic! Love the rainbow look and the ability to slide the clip off the fabric while sewing, unlike the wonder-type clips that require me to stop sewing each time I come up to the clip. I have a pretty big cup of wonder-type clips that I use on thicker material (these clips don't have the strong grab that the wonder-type clips have for that application). I started out with the larger "hair" clips I bought at Sally's Beauty supply, and while I still use those clips on bigger sections, I love that these work well for smaller areas that need to be clipped. I have just decided that I will add a 10-pack to each order until I have enough (who knows when that will be though. lol)

Jenn Carter
Unfortunately I hate them.

This kills me to post but I hate them. They are not strong at all, some are completely stuck together, a couple don't even close all the way. I only bought them for the rainbow but I should have just stuck with my old clips. Sorry. 😔

Shannon Iverson
Game changer

Wonderful to work with and sewing certain things so much easier at times than the clover clips. Also, great to hold pattern to fabric and cut.

Estrella Velazquez
Hair clip convert

These little clips are the best! They're great at holding down my pattern pieces on fabric so I can trace them. Great for organizing all my flat floppy things! Thank you, Lauren!