Smoky Gray | WRC Solids - 1 Yard Cut

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1 yard cuts 

If multiple are ordered the yardage will not be continuous.

Yardage is folded.

60" Water Resistant Canvas

Weight: 220-240gsm

I absolutely love working with this light weight canvas! This is the same base as our printed Water Resistant Canvas. 

It can be hard to tell which side is "right" but the "wrong" side of the fabric will hold creases with white lines. The white lines are not visible on the front side of the fabric and the wrinkles iron out no problem! 

Please note that colors can look different in person versus on a computer screen but we have done our absolute best to match the colors to the image shown.

Customer Reviews

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Love working with it, darker than the picture

I've never been a big fan of working with waterproof canvas so a couple years ago I took a chance on the water resistant canvas I saw here - and I loved it. I haven't bought any from anyone else so I have no comparisons to other sellers, but since I'm so happy with Lauren's I haven't felt the need to multi-source. I love seeing the different colors and until now they've never been a disappointment. And honestly, even the gray isn't a disappointment (I do love the color) - however, caveat to buyers it is MUCH darker than the site photo indicates. I almost thought it was black when I first pulled it out of the box (blame the low lighting initially); I would say it's more of a charcoal gray than a smoky gray, but the color will still coordinate with what I have planned for it regardless.
And I can very much understand how difficult it must have been to try and photograph this color without it just looking straight black on camera.